Douglas County

10 new lawsuits filed against 'Dancing Doctor'

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — The so-called "Dancing Doctor" has been hit with 10 new lawsuits.

A second doctor is now caught up in the case of the cosmetic surgeon suspended after Channel 2 Action News exposed her antics in the operating room.

The dance partner in this infamous "Cut-It" video is a licensed anesthesiologist and is now facing his own string of lawsuits.

We first told you about Dr. Windell Boutte last June after we spoke with former patients and learned of several malpractice lawsuits she is facing.

The embattled Gwinnett dermatologist agreed to give up her medical license for at least two and a half years.


The man seen in one video to the right of the dancing doctor, ungloved and pointing at the incision area, is anesthesiologist Dr. Roland Pinkney.

In a video deposition obtained by Strickland, Pickney gives his side of the story.

"That was the first video I've ever been in, because prior to that I always sat down and said I didn't want to partake in the videos," he said.

Pinkney claimed he didn't expect Bouttee to actually make an incision.

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The video edits to show Pinkney back behind the drape during the cut.

"It was not supposed to be surgery being performed. When that happened, I said, 'Back down,'" he said.

The patient in the "Cut It" video, Latoya Rideau, filed a lawsuit Thursday morning.

"I certainly don't think he gets to pick and choose when he's a doctor in that procedure, and he certainly shouldn't have sat back when silent while he was watching all of this going on," said Rideau's attorney, Susan Witt.

Pinkney's testimony is part of an earlier lawsuit filed by a different patient who was left scarred after nine hours on the table.

"When you get on that table, you're going in with high expectations and high hopes, and they literally failed each and every one of us," said Megan Hawkins.

Hawkins has settled with Boutte. Her case against Pinkney is ongoing.

"If I were him, I'm sure I'd have a lot of regrets, but what's important is taking responsibility now," she said.