• Douglas Co. District Attorney fires 4 longtime employees

    By: Richard Elliot


    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga - The acting Douglas County district attorney announced Monday the firing of four longtime employees.

    He said he was trying to clear the "cloud of suspicion" hanging over the office since the investigation into former District Attorney David McDade.

    "The main focus of these investigations was nepotism and questionable financial expenditures," said acting DA Brian Fortner. "The citizens of this county deserve a District Attorney's Office that they can believe in and be proud of.  Our office has the responsibility of deciding what actions in our community warrant criminal prosecution. If our ability to make these decisions even appears to be compromised, the whole criminal justice system suffers. The entire community suffers."

    Fortner announced he fired office manager Tammie Agan, legal aid Wendy Agan, public information officer Andrew Agan and legal aid Cindy Foran. He said they had a combined 53 years of service to the Douglas County DA's Office.  None are accused of any wrongdoing.

    This all started after news reports surfaced questioning McDade's use of forfeited and seized drug money to purchase staff vehicles, along with allegations of nepotism. McDade asked the GBI to come in and investigate the allegations. He confirmed to Channel 2 Action News last week that he negotiated a deal with the GBI to step down from his office in return for the GBI dropping the investigation. McDade retired from his office on April 30.

    The Georgia Attorney General's Office confirmed it has an open investigation into the case.

    "Although I cannot comment on specific details, I have been informed that the Attorney General's Office does expect to take further actions related to his investigation in the near future," said Fortner. "Rest assured, however, the actions will not involve anyone employed in our office as of today."

    Channel 2 Action News went to the home of Tammie Agan and spoke with her son, Andrew Agan.

    "We're not going to comment right now," he said. "I think that would be inappropriate to comment at this time."

    Fortner, who is running in the election for the full-time job, commended the work of the other attorneys in his office.

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