• Disabled Army veteran gets new deck, home improvements -- free of charge

    By: Berndt Petersen


    ATHENS, Ga. - Bruce Harris would never be the kind of guy who asks for a handout. But he just received a helping hand for which he'll always be grateful.

    "I just couldn't believe it. Nothing like this ever happened to me. I've been disabled for a long time," Harris said.

    The former U.S. Army sergeant made his nation proud. But for almost two decades, he's had a hard life.

    "You know, it's been a long haul. My husband has been disabled for 17 years. We've never had a handicapped equipped home," his wife, Jacqueline, said.

    They do now.


    Over the last three weeks, Lowe’s Home Improvement store employees and local contractors all partnered to improve Harris' Athens home free of charge.

    "He served us well in the military for six years, and he is just a fun, good guy," Lowe’s District Manager Don Jones told Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen.

    The crew built a large deck with a ramp, and doorways inside the home were widened. Now it's no problem to maneuver Harris' wheelchair.

    The company told Petersen that the build is all part of what the company calls its Heroes Project -- caring for those who cared for us.

    "We feel like it's our obligation to 'pay back' to the guys who take care of us," said Lowe’s District Manager Alvin Streeter.

    Harris said he has never wanted much in return for his service, but it is nice to be appreciated.

    "I thanked everybody. It's a blessing," he said.

    Harris told Petersen that he can't wait for his young grandson to come over and play on the new deck so he can sit there to watch.

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