• Diane Buckner-Webb


    VERDICT: RICO: GUILTY, False statements: GUILTY

    SENTENCE: Five years to serve one, four years probation, 1,000 hours of community service, $1,000 fine. Sentenced as a first offender.

    Former Dunbar Elementary teacher Diane Buckner-Webb faced one count of RICO racketeering and two counts of false statements and writings.

    Kevin Franks, who represents Diane Buckner-Webb, believes the state did not prove an elaborate scheme to cheat, and said his client was “caught up in a political witch hunt.”

    Franks told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that many witnesses who testified under immunity agreements had committed “far more grievous acts than these defendants.” He also said the conspiracy charge vastly compounded the case’s complexity and made the trial longer and costlier. In addition to racketeering, Buckner-Webb is charged with two counts of false statements and writings, which might have taken mere days to try alone, he said.

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