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Police release wild video of DUI driver slamming into officer during traffic stop

DUNWOODY, Ga. — Dunwoody police have released harrowing video of the moments an impaired driver slammed into a police car during a traffic stop on I-285.

No one was seriously hurt in the incident.

Police said Officer Slade Mehas had pulled over a driver for going over 100 mph on I-285 near North Peachtree Road. Mehas was conducting a DUI investigation when his police vehicle was hit by the driver.


Video shows the moments the police vehicle plows into Mehas and the woman he had pulled over, knocking him over and flipping her over the guardrail. Mehas appears to have the wind knocked out of him and lies still on the side of the road as another officer races over to help.

"The danger from DUI drivers is still real today even though there are so many options available instead of getting behind the wheel impaired," police wrote. "Your decision not to drink and drive may save your life or the life of others."

Police have not identified either driver or said what they were charged with.

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