One of the largest cranes in the country installs new pedestrian bridge in Atlanta

ATLANTA — One of the largest cranes in the country helped install a new pedestrian bridge in Atlanta.

The 175-foot bridge is at the end of Adina Drive off Lindbergh.

Channel 2′s Lauren Pozen was there as crews installed the huge bridge, which will link up to three regional trails: Path400 and eventually, the Atlanta BeltLine and Peachtree Creek Greenway.

The new bridge will connect nature lovers to miles of trails and 25 acres of restored greenspace.

It will have an ADA accessible ramp that stretches as long as a football field and the highest point is just short of 12 feet.

Glenn Kurtz is chairman of the South Fork Conservancy, which helped raise money to build and construct the 175-foot bridge. He said it’s designed so it won’t disturb the health of the creek.


“I get goosebumps sort of seeing it rising in the air, ultimately being put in place,” Kurtz said. “It’s the beginning of potentially a 30-mile trial, and that is really, really exciting.

The bride was a culmination of years of fundraising and months of construction.

“It’s going to give people direct access to 25 acres of restored green space, we have beautiful rain gardens over there for folks to access as well,” said South Fork Conservancy’s executive director Kimberly Estep.

Walker Justin Von Hanna said he thinks the bridge will encourage people to get out and enjoy nature.

“I think it’s impressive,” Von Hanna. “I think it’s really, really cool this neighborhood has gotten bigger even in the past decade and it’s a great thing to have.”

Officials said there’s still some construction that needs to be done, specifically making the ADA accessible ramp. They say everything should be good to go in a couple months.