Man shot trying to protect son during home invasion

Channel 2's Audrey Washington reports the victim fired gunshots at the suspects while trying to protect his child.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Police are searching for two of the four people wanted for a home invasion in DeKalb County.

A group of masked men broke into a townhome on Terrace Trail last Thursday.

“All of them came in with masks on and in all black and one of them had a shotgun,” Jaye Carey said.

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Carey, along with his brother, a friend and his son were in the home at the time.

One of the intruders started shooting and Carey fired back. He said he threw one of them down the stairs.




“All I heard was shooting,” Carey’s son Zayon said.

Jaye Carey said he broke his collarbone and that a bullet is still lodged in his bicep. He said his only focus was on keeping his young son safe.

“I would give him my life. That’s all I can tell you,” he said.

Carey’s brother was injured in the shooting and is still in the hospital.

Two of the four intruders were also hurt. The other two are still on the loose.

Police have charged James Hardy, 28, with aggravated assault and home invasion.

Carey believes the men were after his expensive photography equipment.

Although the community held a safety meeting a few days after the home invasion, Carey said he might install better security, or find a new place to live.