DeKalb County

Man shot, killed in car in front of his children and wife

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Police are trying to track down the gunman who opened fire on a car, hitting a father in DeKalb County.

His two children were also inside the vehicle.

Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach talked to investigators at the scene off Flat Shoals Road.

They said the victim was in a Dodge Charger pulling up to a neighborhood on Shropshire Lane when the gunman drove up and opened fire into the driver's window.

DeKalb police said the driver was not alone in the car. There were two other adults and two small children, one we believe is his own baby. They were not hurt.

It was the third shooting Channel 2 Action News reported overnight. Police are working to find out if they are all connected.


The victim's family told Gehlbach they do not think it this was a case of road rage.

A neighbor said he has seen cars casing the entrance the last few nights and thinks the suspects were waiting for him targeting the victim because they thought he had money.

“There were a couple of witnesses. We’re talking to those people right now, to try to determine exactly what happened,” DeKalb County Police Lt. Mark Lavigne said. “Our initial investigation is leaning towards that it might be a case of road rage.”

Reginald Johnson said the man killed had been out celebrating his birthday.

“It really hurt me. I'm sad for him, because today is his birthday. My heart goes out to the family man,” Johnson said.