Baby Royalty, mother say thank you to community after kidnapping

Just a day after a scary kidnapping, baby Royalty and her mother, Elizabeth Grisby, held a news conference with DeKalb County officials to say thank you to the community.

Grisby started off by thanking the police department and others who assisted in the search for her 18-month-old daughter.

She described the moment she found out that her daughter was safe as “ecstatic.”

“At first I was in a bad place, and then when they told me they found her, I was ecstatic,” Grisby said.

Grisby said she was working early Thursday morning delivering food when she said she saw the 14-year-old suspect, Malachi Richardson, take her car.

“Next thing I know, I saw my truck going down the street,” Grisby said.


Grisby said she felt sad for the young suspect after learning his age.

“I felt sad for him. With him being so young, hopefully he can be put on the right track,”

Grisby said she was laid off early during the pandemic and she was working as a food delivery driver to help pay the bills.

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“It’s just hard. It’s just hard,” Grisby said.

Grisby was asked if she had any advice after the scary incident.

“Just be aware of your surroundings... just make sure you lock your doors,” Grisby said.

Richardson is being charged as an adult in this case.