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Arsenal of guns, ammunition found at dentist's home after SWAT standoff

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Authorities found an arsenal of guns and ammunition after a Brookhaven dentist got into a  SWAT standoff with police Tuesday.

Police and SWAT went to Dr. Frank Roach's home off Osborne Road Tuesday to serve a domestic violence warrant. Police said Roach shot at his girlfriend, hitting her phone.

Police told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik the situation Tuesday ended after investigators threw flashbangs and tear gas and found Roach in a hidden room.

"Inside that hidden room were multiple weapons and ammunition that was accessible to him. However, he was taken into custody. He did struggle with officers, but he was taken into custody," said Brookhaven police Maj. Brandon Gurley.

On Wednesday, Petchenik talked to a friend who defended Roach.

"He's a great guy and there's a million people who will come to his defense on that," Gino Ascani said.

Ascani said Roach bought the weapons for people to use for hunting and they are all legally owned.

"Frank and I run a professional hog hunting service in Hawkinsville, Georgia," Ascani said. "The guns that he has in his house are for clients when we take them hunting."

A former employee of Roach's, who reached out to Petchenik anonymously, disagreed.

"Anything could set him off. He was unpredictable," the man said. "He would go ranting from one end of the office to the other, slamming doors, punching walls."

He also said Roach flaunted his weapons and threatened employees

"He just reminded us that he had a lot of guns, a lot of big guns, and that we really didn't want to make him mad," the former employee said.


"I hope they get a dangerous man off the street. That's it," the former employee said. "He's a danger.  He's a threat to society."

Ascani admits that Roach shot his girlfriend's phone. He said he's not trying to diminish that, but said Roach never hurt the woman.

Police took Roach to the hospital and will take him to the DeKalb County jail when he's discharged. He's facing charges including aggravated assault, false imprisonment and obstruction of officers.

Police have turned the home back over to Roach's attorney and contractors are already working to repair the damage from where SWAT teams broke the windows.

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