• Cross-dressing professor addresses prostitution arrest


    ATHENS, Ga. - A University of Georgia professor tells Channel 2 Action News he's embarrassed after his arrest on prostitution charges in Gwinnett County.

    German professor Max Reinhart, 65, was booked in the Gwinnett County jail just after noon Thursday.

    Reinhart was arrested after detectives arranged a meeting with him after they found an online ad in a transsexual escort services section of a website under the name "Sasha."

    When police arrested Reinhart, they said he was dressed as a woman.

    Channel 2's Eric Philips went to Reinhart's home Friday night and spoke with him. Reinhart told Philips he is humiliated about the whole incident.

    "I'm embarrassed. I'm feeling very stupid," Reinhart said. "I am deeply remorseful for anything I may have done to bring any kind of doubt to the integrity of the university and myself."

    Reinhart would not get into the details of what happened in the sting, but said there is more to it.

    "This charge is not exactly what it appears, OK. I can only say that," Reinhart said.

    Reinhart was released about 9:15 p.m. Thursday on $4,800 bond, according to jail records. He is charged with prostitution and running a house of prostitution for trying to solicit people for himself.

    "I'm not putting anybody to blame except myself, simply for being there," Reinhart said.

    Reinhart would not say anything more on advice from his attorney.

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