• Controversy brewing over three hour midday school revival

    By: Dave Huddleston


    LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga. - A prayer controversy is brewing in Lumpkin County after dozens of students, even some teachers, took part in what turned into a sort of revival meeting on campus in the middle of the day.

    More than 50 students attended the prayer revival at Lumpkin County High School Wednesday, three hours into the school day.

    "I don't think they understood there is nothing wrong with praying in school, if it's a personal prayer, but you cannot have students disrupting the education process to go to the gym and pray," said school Superintendent Dewey Moye

    Moye said even some teachers participated in the prayer revival that went from 8-11:30 a.m.

    "There is nothing wrong with praying. As superintendent, I pray silently every day, but you cannot have students leaving class in the middle of the day to go pray," Moye said.

    Three of the teachers had assistants in their class, but one teacher left his classroom unattended to go the gym.

    "We will be speaking more in depth with that teacher about this," Moye said.

    He said this all started after one of the students had questions about his faith and God. The student went to the weightlifting coach, Moyes said, a man known for his Christian faith, for guidance.

    When other students heard about it, they started texting each other and soon more than 50 were in the gym periodically for the next three hours.

    An assistant principal finally went to the gym to end the prayer service. Moye said none of the students or teachers will disciplined over the incident.

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