• Complaint: Councilman solicited free movie, Dragon Con tickets


    ATLANTA - The Atlanta ethics office is investigating a city councilman for soliciting free tickets to movies and concerts. The councilman believes he did nothing wrong.
    It was a concert at the Cobb Energy Center featuring Chaka Khan that is now under investigation by the city’s ethics office. Investigators said councilman Michael Bond may have violated the city ethics code by soliciting free tickets to attend.
    “Chaka Khan… presented her with a proclamation, I hope that’s not unethical to give one of your favorite R&B artists a proclamation,” Bond said.
    Bond gave Channel 2 a photo of him presenting the proclamation to the singer.
    “Any place I go in my official capacity, I am there on my official capacity,” Bond said.
    But the complaint alleged it wasn’t just one concert, it was also movie tickets and passes to Dragon Con.
    [So you were in your official capacity when you went to the Hunger Games?] “I was not there, all of the city council members were invited to that but I did not attend,” Bond said.
    William Perry with Common Cause Georgia said Bond is blurring the lines.
    “It’s getting around the law, issuing a proclamation is an easy thing and it can be done for anything,” Perry said.
    Perry said it is especially concerning because Atlanta now does so much business with the entertainment industry.
    “I just want to stress to your viewers and the people who put me in office, I have abided by every law and every policy and procedure in this city and I look forward to this coming to its conclusion,” said Bond.
    Bond must reply to the ethics complaint by December.

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