Comedian Chris Tucker says he will carry on Rep. John Lewis’ message

ATLANTA — Like so many others, Atlanta-raised comedian Chris Tucker vows to hold himself to the standard he believes Congressman John Lewis and other Civil Rights stalwarts would have wanted.

Tucker, who still lives in Atlanta, told Channel 2′s Jovita Moore he had several opportunities over the years to visit with Lewis and Tucker always felt like he walked away in a better place.

“Well, he’s done so much and you hear about what he’s done with so many other great people, but when you meet him,” Tucker said. “He’s such a kind man and such a nice person you want to be around him and and so and so wise he would just give you a look and you go away with something you don’t have to say much.”

Tucker says both Lewis and Reverend C.T. Vivian, who passed away within a day of each other, were inspirations to him and so many others. Tucker feels it is his duty to help pass along and spread their mutual messages, messages that resonate even more now than they ever have.


“I definitely, I’m definitely going to carry that torch and how non-violence works, then and it works now. And we need to learn from them, and they got so much done by their wisdom and putting God first, and you know,” Tucker said.

Tucker said for him, perhaps the most important part is using this knowledge and inspiration to push things forward.

“We have to have faith, you got to believe put God first, and we have to be humbled. That’s the only way to get things to change people’s hearts so we got to remember that for this generation and the generation after me,” Tucker said.