• Woman accused in crime spree, deadly wreck says someone spiked drink

    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - The 43-year-old woman accused in a deadly Cobb County crime spree told a judge Wednesday someone had spiked her drink.
    Kristie Nesby, 43, allegedly robbed a cleaner at gunpoint in Smyrna, then later that morning drove off Cobb Parkway and ran over 71-year-old Luci Turner, who was walking to work well off the roadway. Turner died in the incident.
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    When the judge told Nesby she'd have to stay in jail, Nesby felt compelled to plead her case.
    Nesby's lawyer told the judge he'd asked her not to speak, and later told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt he wasn't really sure what she was trying to say, but Nesby clearly blamed a spiked drink for her bizarre actions that started a deadly string of events. 
    Prosecutors say Nesby called 911 during the crime spree, admitting to what she'd done and seemingly wanting to stop.
    "She said that she planned to turn herself in so she would be arrested so she wouldn't hurt any more people. So she, in her own mind, was talking about the fear that she would commit more crimes if she wasn't stopped," said prosecutor Jesse Evans. 
    But she didn't stop. The judge ordered a medical evaluation of Nesby. Toxicology results are still pending. 

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