• New Braves stadium hits major milestone


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Work on the brand new Atlanta Braves stadium in Cobb County has hit a milestone.

    Officials say work on SunTrust Park is now halfway done.



    “You see it, and it looks like a stadium. It feels like a stadium,” said Bob Ott, Cobb County Commissioner.

    Despite a wet winter that slowed construction, the park is halfway done and pretty much on schedule for a debut before Opening Day 2017.

    "I have developers or people interested in doing something in the area coming into the office once or twice a week, and some of the projects are as high as $100 million," Ott said.

    County officials are still plotting how to get folks in and out of the stadium without traffic mayhem.

    Ott says a plan green-lighted by the commission will design a traffic program that includes a series of traffic cameras and digital signs that will be integrated with online programs and apps to steer fans around any backups.

    In the long term, officials hope to provide a dozen access points into the new development.

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