Cobb County

Mail carrier saves man who slipped on ice

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A postal carrier is being credited with saving a man who slipped on ice in Cobb County Monday morning.

Jack Bostic, 67, was working to clear the ice off his steep driveway so he could get to a doctor’s appointment when he slipped and hit his head.

Mail carrier Amanda Price found him on the brink of death, face down in the street.

“He probably would have died and that’s scary because I know these people,” Price said.

Bostic wasn’t breathing and he didn’t have a pulse.

“I jumped out of the mail truck and called 911. I had to roll him over and do CPR,” Price said.


Price said it was a treacherous day on the roads. Her mail truck got struck at least once.

"I know a lot of people say, 'You people in Georgia,' but we get ice and it is dangerous,” the victim’s wife, Mattie Bostic, said.

She said her husband survived thanks to Price performing CPR until an emergency crew could arrive and use a defibrillator to start his heart.

“I just really appreciate it because when she found him he wasn’t breathing, and they really don’t know how long he had been in that state before she found him,” Mattie Bostic said.

Her husband of 39 years remains in serious condition and will have to fight to recover.

“It’s very scary. We don’t know what to expect right now,” Mattie Bostic said.

Price said she’s praying for his recovery.

“I wish him well and prayers have been lifted out to him. I ask that everybody else pray for this family as well,” Price said.