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Cobb man says anti-venom from copperhead bite could cost him $50,000 along with ICU visit

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — An East Cobb man is recovering in the hospital after being bitten by a copperhead snake in his backyard.

To make things worse, he says the anti-venom to treat the bite could cost him up to $50,000 on top of a lengthy stay in the intensive care unit.

Rafael Freitas said he was preparing for the 4th of July when the five-foot snake bit him.

His girlfriend rushed him to the nearest emergency room because the swelling continued to go up his leg.

An infectious disease doctor treated Freitas for cellulitis on top of the bite.

“The expert infectious disease doctor shared that it was the largest snake bite the hospital has ever seen and the amount of venom in his body is such that they want to keep him longer to monitor for cellulitis,” Freitas’ GoFundMe page said.


Freitas is home now but has to stay off his foot for at least two weeks.

Now, he’s worried about the bills from the whole experience.

Freitas had just accepted a new job and his health insurance hasn’t kicked in yet, so the cost for the whole experience will be out of pocket.

“We are raising this GoFundMe to help Rafael with medical expenses as the anti-venom dose can cost as much as $50k itself,” his GoFundMe page said.

Freitas is hoping this experience will serve as a warning to others about a danger that could be right in your own backyard.

To donate to his GoFundMe account, CLICK HERE.

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