• Chilling video shows driver losing control before deadly crash near Six Flags

    By: Chris Jose


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned what caused a deadly crash on Interstate 20 near Six Flags Over Georgia in Cobb County.

    A witness sent video showing a driver inside a white car losing control and sideswiping a gray car, forcing it to spin across all lanes and crash into a wall Friday. Katie Grigorov, the witness who gave us the video, said her Jeep was also hit in the crash.

    Grigorov said she saw debris fly from the other side of the interstate moments before the crash.

    Cobb County police confirmed debris hit the white car and caused the accident that left at least one person dead. Shortly after, officers shut down I-20 eastbound.


    "When I found out, I couldn't stop shaking," said Grigorov, who stated she didn't know someone died in the crash at first. 

    Grigorov believes the driver of the gray car was in shock and accidentally backed into her. 

    "I just hope the families are OK, and prayers for both parties," she said.

    I-20 is back reopened, and police are working to find out where the flying debris came from.

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