• Canada geese invade Cobb neighborhood

    By: Berndt Petersen


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Some Cobb County residents say they always welcome new neighbors, but this time, they draw the line. They say their block is crowded with Canadian geese.

    Channel 2's Berndt Petersen talked to Sophia Johnson, who said she is a nature lover, but she has her limits.

    "Every summer they started increasing. They kept coming back. More and more geese. And you start seeing poo-poo stuff all over the place," Johnson said.

    Johnson says what started 20 years ago with just two geese in her neighborhood along Spindletop Drive, is around 50 today. She says every year they come back, they bring more friends.

    "They do tend to grow in numbers, and our statewide population is still growing," Department of Natural Resources waterfowl biologist Greg Balkcom said.  

    He says there are many methods to get them to go away but there are a couple that seem to work best.

    "Stop all the feeding. There's always neighbors that like to feed the geese. Stop it. Then get permits to destroy the nests and eggs, and that reduces reproduction. Typically those two things in combination can do a great deal of success," Balkcom said.

    Johnson has been documenting the invasion of sorts.  How many is too many?  

    "When they start having babies, it's crazy.  Because they want to protect their family, of course. They start hissing at you. Hissssss! I call them the 'killer' geese. Ha, ha! I don't mess with them," Johnson said.  

    Johnson and some of her neighbors say they may ask their homeowner's association to try some of the techniques to get the birds to beat it.

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