Bodycam video shows DUI arrest of man accused of killing 3 people hours earlier

CHAMBLEE, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has obtained body camera video showing the DUI arrest of a man accused of killing three people at a country club in Cobb County.

At the time of the DUI arrest, the officers have no idea that Bryan Roden had any involvement in the killings at Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw that had happened just hours earlier.

The video starts with a traffic stop along Peachtree Road in Chamblee.

“Hey, I stopped you because you don’t have any lights on,” the officer told Rhoden.

“Oh? I’m sorry,” Rhoden said.

“And then your tag flew up. It looks like it’s test drive,” the officer told Rhoden.

“Oh, that’s a temporary tag. I’m sorry,” Rhoden told the officer.

The video was shot on July 3 just hours after police say Rhoden kidnapped and killed two people and then drove onto a golf course in Cobb County, where he shot and killed the golf pro.


Rhoden told police that he didn’t have his driver’s license. Officers eventually suspected he was driving under the influence.

“I was off balance. I can do it again,” Rhoden told the officers as they were giving him a sobriety test.

“No, you’re OK. Turn around. Right now, you’re going to be under arrest, turn around, for DUI,” the officer is seen telling Rhoden.

The video shows the officers search the Maserati Rhoden was driving where they found $50,000 in cash.

“This was on the floorboard,” the officer said to another officer. “We’ll have to separate it all out. Make a pile of twenties, make a pile of tens, make a pile of hundreds.”

The money ended up being pivotal in the Rhoden’s arrest for murder. He told the officers he earned it through his music career.

Rhoden was eventually released from jail on the DUI charges. He was later tied to the golf course killings.

Police said they got him to come back to the police department to get the money they confiscated from him, and that is when they took him into custody for his alleged involvement in the killings.