Clayton County

Woman wanted for throwing bricks into people's homes throughout metro Atlanta

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police are searching for a woman accused of causing thousands of dollars in damage throwing bricks at people's homes and a school in Clayton County.

According to authorities, she punched a professor in the face at a vocational college.

"I couldn't imagine that somebody would be throwing a brick in my window," said homeowner Gwen Williams.

Williams' Ring camera caught the woman throwing a brick through her window.

"I come in my living room and there's a brick, it isn't even a normal size brick, it was twice the size of a regular brick," she said.

Channel 2's Matt Johnson spoke to Williams at her home on Meadowview Road in Clayton County. The woman also threw a brick at a parked truck Tuesday at around 8 p.m.


"I don't know why she's so angry with us because I've never met her," Williams said.

Just about an hour later, Morrow police said she got inside the UEI vocational school on Southlake Parkway and threw more bricks. Then, police say she punched a professor in the face.

"You can't be causing people harm, hurting people and costing people money," Williams said.

Johnson checked in with Morrow police, Clayton County police, Henry County police and Atlanta police and no one can confirm whether she has been arrested.

Police believe she has a mental illness but charges are still expected to be filed.

"We're going to get this fixed and try to just live peacefully, and praying for her," Williams said.

Most of the victims have no idea who she is, but some longtime neighbors said she used to live in the area as a child.

The woman faces multiple property damage charges, along with trespass, assault, and possibly mail tampering charges.