Pink skies ahead! Delta employees, breast cancer survivors take special trip

ATLANTA — Talk about pretty in pink! On Wednesday, a Delta terminal at Atlanta's airport got decked out with pink balloons, pink pom-poms, pink costumes and one very hot pink carpet.

Rocking all the pink was a group of very special passengers -- 140 employees who are breast cancer survivors or who are currently fighting breast cancer.

The celebration kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness month, which starts Oct. 1

With cheers of encouragement, dancing, and lots of smiles, the group of brave women boarded "Breast Cancer One," Delta's iconic pink-ribbon-themed plane. They flew from Atlanta to San Diego to raise awareness about the disease and the work to find a cure.

For the employees-turned-passengers, it was a chance to celebrate victories and share stories of courage -- and for once, to be the ones enjoying a vacation.

"We're getting ready to celebrate," Katrina Law, who works on the ramps for Delta, said. For Law, the trip was a family affair: She was traveling with her sister, Michelle Smith, who works as a cabin agent. Both sisters are survivors.

"I'm a survivor since 2011 and my sister is a survivor since 2017, so we're going on this trip and we're going to have fun!" Law said.

This year's trip marked the 15th annual Survivor Flight. Last year, the company raised $2.1 million to fund projects for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.