Parents, coaches rush field as brawl breaks out at youth football game

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Authorities are investigating a fight involving coaches, parents and players during a youth football game over the weekend in metro Atlanta.

Now, the Forest Park police chief is considering new security measures at the games.

Forest Park police Chief Jason Armstrong told Channel 2's Michael Seiden that he's not only a father but a former football player.

He said he is very disturbed by what he saw after watching video of parents and coaches rushing the field during a youth football game and then start fighting each other.

The fight broke out Saturday at Kiwanis Stadium as Forest Park took on Union City.

“I’m glad my kids weren’t out there to witness it. Kids, they are out there to play sports and be competitive. That’s the last thing they should be exposed to," Armstrong told Seiden.

Since Saturday’s brawl, Armstrong said his investigators have been reviewing multiple videos trying to identify suspects who could soon face felony charges.


“The people that need to be charged and put in jail, we’re absolutely going to charge them and put them in jail,” Armstrong said.

The chief told Seiden it's still unclear what sparked the fight.

Dontrece Knox, whose 11-year-old son plays for Union City, said he couldn't believe what unfolded as he tried to pull his son off the field.

“I said, ‘Hey! That’s a child!’ By the time I said that, a coach hit me in the face,” Knox said.

Forest Park police said they are now looking into making changes when it comes to safety and security at youth sporting events

One idea is putting officers on the sidelines.

“I don’t want it to look like it’s a crime scene for kids coming to watch a football game because we have to have a lot of police there because adults don’t know how to act like adults,” Armstrong said.

Investigators say the fight sent two people to hospital with injuries.

Seiden has tried to contact the head coaches of both teams but has been unable to reach them.

If anyone has additional footage or information about the fight, they're asked to call 404-366-4141.