Clayton County

Speeding tickets by mail? New cameras could soon catch speeders in metro Atlanta

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — New technology may soon be able to catch speeders in school zones without an officer being there.

One local police department wants to use radar, cameras and automatic license plate readers near schools.

Speeders would then get a ticket in the mail if they were caught going 11 mph or more over the limit.

Morrow’s chief of police said it’s about safety for kids and trying to slow down drivers.

Chief James Callaway told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach that they did a study on a stretch of Morrow Road in front of B.C. Haynie Elementary and were surprised by what they found.

During the study, they clocked every car during the school zone times.

Out of around 9,000 cars, Callaway said, “There was approximately 100 violations of 11 over the speed limit. A couple were close to 45-50 miles an hour.”


A violation would mean a $75 fine and $125 for each additional offense with proceeds split between the company operating the cameras and the city.

Some people have voiced concerns that it’s a revenue grab and about their privacy.

Callaway said there’s no right to privacy on public roads.

“Your vehicle is licensed and registered in the state of Georgia, that information is out there,” he said. “I mean it’s our kids. Isn’t it worth it? It’s for our kids.”

The technology could also be used to solve crimes and keep unwanted offenders out of school zones, since they’d have real time info on who was passing through.

If anyone is not supposed to be in that area, that info could immediately be sent to officers nearby to respond.

Morrow is hoping to join with other cities in Clayton County, like Forest Park and Jonesboro, to launch the automated speed cameras. Before the cameras can be used, the city needs to get approval from Clayton County and a permit from GDOT to start using them.