Clayton County

Large fire at recycling plant sends plumes of smoke into sky

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Dozens of firefighters are working to make sure a recycling plant fire in Clayton County is out for good.

The fire unfolded at the Amerigo Metal Recycling plant along Forest Parkway in Morrow where it burned for hours.

Channel 2 viewers sent in photos of large plumes of smoke billowing high into the sky from the fire.

Fire officials said there is no chemical danger to the surrounding area.


Diandre Burgess gave Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman cellphone video he took Monday evening, showing the thick black smoke and flames.

"I saw it. Right behind the Auto Zone, just up it went -- real high," Burgess said.

He took the video from outside the McDonald's near Forest Parkway and Jonesboro Road about a block or two from the fire.

Officers told Hyman off camera that they had to evacuate the Auto Zone and they had several roads shut down for safety.

"Somebody could have died if they were close to it or in it. It was real big. I've been in a fire before; I ain't see nothing (sic) like that before," Burgess said.

Battallion Chief Laura Richardson told Hyman firefighters worked closely with the employees to use cranes to move around the large pieces of scrap metal to make sure they could find any hidden pockets of fire.

"They did respond here to this location, where they found a large, probably 30-foot pile of scrap metal on fire," she said. "We do not know what caused this. An employee did report seeing sparks from the machinery they were utilizing."

The investigation continues.