• 84-year-old woman carjacked in Alpharetta before cross-county chase, crash

    By: Mike Petchenik


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police say carjackers targeted an 84-year-old woman and let police on a high-speed chase before crashing in Clayton County. 

    Channel 2's Mike Petchenik spent the day tracking down new details about how police were able to catch two of the teen suspects. 

    Another teen is still on the run. 

    Police say the woman was getting some things out of her car in the parking garage of an Alpharetta senior living apartment complex when a teen walked up with a gun and demanded her keys. 

    The suspect stole the woman's BMW, phone and wallet from the garage. 

    The BMW, which was outfitted with a tracking device, alerted police it was outside an East Point fast food restaurant. 


    When police arrived at the restaurant, the teen stook off in the car with Georgia State Patrol and Atlanta Police close behind. 

    The teens led officers on a high-speed chase from East Point to near Southlake Parkway in Clayton County on I-75 and ended up crashing. An innocent driver's SUV ended up upside down. 

    Two of the teens darted across several lanes of interstate and traffic but police were able to catch them. A third teen got away. 

    One officer hurt his wrist in the chaos. Officers recovered guns from the stolen car.

    Officer Howard Miller told Petchenik the teens put other members of the public in danger. 

    "It's particularly dangerous because they are juveniles. They're not mature," Miller said. "They're probably scared."

    Petchenik spoke to the victim's daughter, who said her mother is unnerved by what happened but thankful the teens didn't hurt or kill her. They want to know how the teens gained access to what should be a secure area.

    The victim's neighbors are scared that elderly people are being targeted. 

    "I see the elderly people take walks all the time," a neighbor said. "But you know, things can happen anywhere."

    A manager at the complex said they plan to alert residents to be vigilant. 


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