• City of White police chief, officer arrested by GBI

    WHITE, Ga. - The city of White in Bartow County only has two full-time police officers and both were charged with extortion and false imprisonment Wednesday. 
    Agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation told Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston this could have been going on for years.
    GBI special agent Greg Ramey said White police Chief David King and his right-hand man, Officer Blake Scheff have been charged with extortion. 
    "(They were) telling people to pay a fine for a certain charge that was unrelated to a crime they may or may not have committed and if they didn't pay the fine they would be charged with a felony charge and arrested," Ramey told Huddleston
    Channel 2 Action News got a tip last month about the allegations and the five-hour search warrant through the police department.   
    The two officers were charged Wednesday.  
    People in the town are told Huddleston they were stunned.
    "Wow, this is incredible, you don't expect this in a small town like this," said White resident Cecilia Harbin.
    But Ramey says they think King and Scheff have been taking money for years.
    "We have to go back and basically have close to 2,000 documents we have to go through," Ramey said.
    Ramey said two possible victims refused to be extorted and give the chief any money so during a court hearing King and Scheff allegedly told on themselves.
    "As testimony was presented by the officers, it became apparent the information provided as opposed to the charges, there were some discrepancies,” Ramey said.
    The Bartow County Sheriff's Office is helping patrol the town while the officers are on leave. 
    A unique twist in this is the White police chief is married to the city manager. She is not facing any charges, but the investigation continues.

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