• Chinese restaurant receives 52 on its health inspection


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga - A McDonough Chinese restaurant failed its recent health inspection. Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge spoke with the owners on what they’ve done to fix the violations.

    When China Star in Henry County was previously inspected, they got an 89 which is a “B.” But after their inspection this month, the McDonough restaurant got a failing score.

    China Star is a busy restaurant in a strip mall. Many regulars come for take-out but on June 9, they received a 52 on their inspection report.   

    Violations included an employee using their bare hands to cut vegetables, various temperature violations including potentially hazardous foods not meeting the right temperature requirement of 41 degrees or below and potentially hazardous food items not meeting the temperature requirements of 135 degrees or above.  

    Other problems cited included employees not demonstrating knowledge of reportable symptoms and illnesses and physical facilities not maintained in good repair.  It was also noted that floors and walls near the bulk food area also needed be cleaned.

    Sbarge headed to the restaurant on Hampton Road to see what has been done about the violations.

    “We already fix[ed] everything in there already,” Manager Winston Lee said.

    Lee said the cooler is now working properly, assuring the temperatures are correct. He said it is absolutely safe for his customers to eat there. He expects to get re-inspected within the next few days. He is confident they will get a good score.

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    Chinese restaurant receives 52 on its health inspection