Cherokee County

Heroic Ga. officer prevents man's suicide after he senses something isn't right

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia police officer is being hailed a hero after he convinced a man to not take his life.

Officer Jonathan Nelson with the Canton Police Department still remembers the moment he pulled into the Canton Market Place on Mother's Day.

Nelson told Channel 2's Kimberly Richardson when he pulled into the shopping center, he just felt something was not right.

He noticed a car blaring music and saw something that he’ll never forget. It was a man trying to hang himself with a makeshift noose.


Nelson said he tried to talk with the man through the window, but he was not responding.

Not giving up, Nelson broke the driver-side window and calmed the man down.

"He was upset, naturally," Nelson said. "He even helped me release it (the noose) from his neck."

The man was transported to Northside Cherokee Hospital for further treatment and evaluation.

As heartbreaking as it was seeing someone struggle, Nelson said he'd do it all over again and said it felt good to see someone live another day.

“Life is precious," Nelson said.