CBD becoming way to calm pets -- but vets aren't convinced it's completely safe

ATLANTA — Pet owners are turning to nonintoxicating CBD marijuana drops and treats to calm their dogs and cats from the loud sounds of fireworks over the Fourth of July.

The Pet Set shop in Midtown Atlanta says they've sold many CBD products leading up to the holiday.

"I tried it on my own pets. I've given CBD products during the fireworks last season. It was like they couldn't hear the fireworks anymore." said Pet Set manager  Ashley Patterson.

Dogs and cats have a highly elevated sense of hearing. The sound of fireworks in the neighborhood can be terrifying. Chazz Chitwood owns a three legged rescue dog named Dalton.

"He gets very nervous even with a thunderstorm, so fireworks are above and beyond. I have to keep him in the bathroom in the middle of the house  so he's away from the windows, so he doesn't feel he's under attack." said Chitwood.


It's not entirely understood how CBD has a calming effect on dogs and cats. The compound may suppress some neuron activity, or stimulate serotonin transmission between cells.

But some veterinarians aren't sold on CBD and won't recommend it to pet owners.

They say it's unregulated, could badly interact with medications, and hasn't been throughly researched.

"I think it should be a concern of anybody. I think anybody would like to feel whatever they're taking or their pet is taking, there is some history behind it, there's science behind it. There's just a lot more to be learned." said Dr. Michael Good, a veterinarian.

But one cat owner said he's a fan of CBD. His cat refused to take a bath. But after getting a CBD treat, he climed into the tub.

"You could see the change. He just calmed down, mellowed out." said pet owner Matt Lee.

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