There's a Christmas tree shortage in metro Atlanta

ATLANTA — You may want to shop a little earlier for a fresh Christmas tree this year.

Channel 2's Linda Stouffer learned how a shortage is leading local sellers to get creative.

The trees are fresh, green and this year, in shorter supply due to the recession a few years ago.

“Folks just didn't have the money to put trees back in the ground, so here we are seven or eight years later out of the recession… there's just not quite as many trees ready to be cut,” said Matt Bowman, from Tradition Trees.

“It's fun to focus on Christmas and the holidays,” Bowman said.

A 14-foot tree could cost you about $350.


Sellers saw this Christmas tree issue coming, and they're introducing some new ways for people to deck the halls

“There are so many different kinds of trees because there are some shortages out there this year,” said Jimmy McClendon, of Pike Nursery.

McClendon said Pike brought in different evergreens from the West Coast, like a Silver Tip Fir.

“It has a completely different appearance and texture than all the rest of the trees,” McClendon said.

Atlanta's favorite by far is the Fraser Fir.

“Because of all the rain we've had, oh, really, we've had an outstanding season,” McClendon said.

Pike is pricing its 7-footer a little lower than last year to keep people coming in to buy Christmas color.