• Neighbors: Burglars posing as Jehovah's Witness


    DACULA - A community is on guard after a rash of home break-ins by committed by criminals posing as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    The victims are taking to the Internet to alert others about the break-ins. Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri talked to some of the neighbors to find out how the crimes are being committed.

    Police said they're aware of at least four burglaries in one day in the Hamilton Mill subdivision, as well as the Apalachee Farms community. But neighbors said there have been more, and in several cases, they said thieves are posing as members of Jehovah's Witness when they knock on doors.

    “You feel a little scared, a little frightened about your surroundings where we never felt that way before,” said victim Steve Boerrigter.

    Gail and Steve Boerrigter said their yellow lab Norman isn't the only one still rattled following a break-in at their Dacula home. The couple didn't want to be on camera, but said they were gone for just one hour last Tuesday morning when someone got in through a rear window and stole jewelry and electronics.

    “Apparently it seems they're going house to house rather boldly,” Boerrigter said.

    Neighbors reported seeing someone ring doorbells posing as a Jehovah's Witness.

    “They came to the door just pretending to be Jehovah's Witness and if someone's home they're going to leave,” Boerrigter said. ”It's frustrating that we have to take these kind of measures.” 

    David Lee wasn't at his home in the Glenaire neighborhood Thursday night. But we were able to interview him through a video relay system he installed last week after someone tried to break in -- with his wife inside. He says a man and woman rang the doorbell then went out back and tried to break a window. 

    “And then she said, ‘I think they're breaking in’ and that's when I told her to go ahead and yell out to let them know that she was home,” Lee said.

    The pair ran off when Lee's wife shouted at them. Lee put cameras in front and behind his home. It takes pictures and emails them if motion sensors detect anyone walk up. Both families said they'll be on edge until an arrest.

    “What you thought was a pretty nice neighborhood. You just wonder now, you know, well you feel so violated,” Lee said.

    Nearly every witness has reported seeing a black late-model Buick sedan near where the break-ins are happening.  Police said they believe the same people are responsible and they're following up on several leads.

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