Brothers waive preliminary hearing on charges they tried to kill their parents

SNELLVILLE, Ga. — The two brothers accused of trying to kill their parents have waived their first appearance Friday.
Cameron and Chris Ervin are charged with attacking their parents and trying to burn down their Snellville home.
The preliminary was to begin at 2:45 p.m. but will not happen.
The 22- and 17-year-olds are charged in the brutal attack on their parents, Zach and Yvonne Ervin on Sept. 5.
Police responded to the Ervin's home after their mother made a desperate 911 call saying her sons were trying to kill both her and her husband.
"My sons are trying to kill me," Yvonne told the dispatcher. "They attacked me and my husband. They drugged us with Xanax, and they attacked us. They are trying to kill us."
The district attorney says the motive for the attacks remains unclear.

Chris Ervin's attorney Tom Clegg told Channel 2's Richard Elliot there is a disconnect between the allegations that he is charged with, and the person he represents.

Clegg says his client is pleasant, nice and well-mannered as anyone can possibly imagine.

Family friends Derrick and Stacey Butts say they're in shock, but are in a position to forgive the boys.

The couple says the Ervins raised to two good boys who are respectful, that's why this attack is such a shock to them.

Clegg believes a grand jury would convict the boys, but he won't ask for bond. Clegg says the boys would have no place to live.