• Brookhaven voters approve cityhood


    Fifty-five percent of Brookhaven voters said yes to incorporating and making the neighborhood its own city, a move that could leave DeKalb County with a multi-million dollar shortfall.

    Residents celebrated when they learned the results overnight after Tuesday’s election.

    “We believe that if people in the community had the facts, they would make the right decision,” resident J. Max Davis said.

    Opponents who fought against the DeKalb County neighborhood becoming its own city have doubts about its future.

    “People just aren’t ready for higher taxes, another layer of government,” Jim Eyre said.

    Some also voiced concern about the future of DeKalb County. With Brookhaven branching out on its own, the county could lose as much as $25 million in tax revenue.

    Supporters of Brookhaven’s cityhood pulled off the grassroots campaign despite opposition from neighboring cities.

    “We fought a fair and honest fight. Now our goal is to make sure the yes promises are kept with the new city,” cityhood opponent Soren Ludwig said.

    Residents who voted to incorporate Brookhaven are expected to meet Wednesday morning to start forming a new government.

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