Police: Man stabs homeowner trying to protect wife, baby during Brookhaven home invasion

Brookhaven, GA — Police say a man who broke into a Brookhaven home and stabbed the homeowner multiple times Thursday had just been released from jail for the same crime.

Jimmy David Mills of Atlanta broke into a home off North Druid Hills near Lenox Park Boulevard around 4:15 p.m. Thursday, according to the Brookhaven Police Department.

Investigators say Mills walked into the bathroom where the female homeowner was showering.

“It’s really scary. Fells like a movie, not real life,” Kristy Ottofy said. "He asked me if I was alone and I started screaming for my husband.”

Her husband, Paul Prae, who was working in his office, grabbed a bat and ran in to confront Mills, who was about 100 pounds heavier and taller than Prae. Otttofy grabbed her 4-monthold and ran upstairs to hide. Police say Mills had a pocket knife and stabbed Prae in the face and stomach.

“After I hit him with the bat, that’s when he came in straight for my eye," Prae said. “It was obvious he was trying to attack my eye and missed by this much. I thought, ‘I might die right now. My life might end right now.’"

After blood landed on Mills, Prae says Mills took off.


Mills then ran through yards and was seen jumping a wall from Lenox Park Boulevard onto Village Pointe, where police say he tried to break into another home.

A Brookhaven Police officer saw Mills coming out from behind a home and arrested him.

Mills is charged with aggravated assault, home invasion and several other charges. The attack comes just weeks after he was released on parole for the same crime.

In 2015, Mills was arrested for attacking two women inside a condo on Keys Crossing Drive – less than one mile from Thursday’s attack. In the previous attack, Mills also carried a knife. He was convicted of aggravated assault and burglary and sentenced to prison in June of 2016. He was released on parole on Aug. 3.

Prae said the whole thing was a reminder of how quickly life can change.

“Life can change in dramatic ways in two or three minutes so appreciate and love everyone you have around you. Take it day by day and enjoy life and the journey," he said.