Boy saved by his best friend after nearly drowning is out of the hospital

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — A 13-year-old boy, who was saved from drowning,is out of the hospital as of Monday morning.

He has his best friend to thank.

Nick Williams’ friend dove into a pool Saturday after someone pushed him in.

Two children ended up in Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and one them is critical.

Kaleb Reeves and his best friend, Nick, were at a birthday party when someone pushed Williams into the deep end, friends said. Williams isn't able to swim.

Channel 2's Michael Seiden talked to Reeves, who said that when friends didn't see Williams resurface, they started to panic.

Reeves took action.

"We were just having fun jumping in the water, and some of my friends on the balcony were saying that Nick was under the water, drowning," Reeves said. "I was confused, because I've never seen him get in the water.

Reeves said Williams' sister was able to feel him with her foot.

"I dove in and grabbed him, and I pulled him up," Reeves said. "I got up under him and pushed him out of the water."

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