• Ben Carson to supporters: 'America as we know it is gone'


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke to thousands of supporters in Cobb County Tuesday night.

    Carson was introduced by former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

    Carson, who has been criticized regarding his grasp of foreign policy, spent a good portion of his campaign stop at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center addressing foreign policy issues.

    “When it comes to bringing in immigrants into our country from other places we have always welcomed people regardless of race, creed, religion but we have welcomed them to become Americans, to accept our way of life, not another way of life,” Carson said.

    Carson’s numbers have slipped in the polls, but his supporters say they haven’t been swayed.

    "I think some of that stuff can be attributed to Ben Carson is human,” supporter Shaun Jeffrey said.


    "There might be cases where an individual may not know every little small thing, but that's why he has advisers,” supporter Peter Shanks said.

    Carson did not address recent controversial comments by fellow candidate Donald Trump, but he did frame up his own stance on Syrian refugees, saying financially supporting Jordanian refugee camps would be better than resettling people in the U.S.

    "Take care of them over there and don't bring them here in the first place. You don't need to do that,” Carson said.

    Carson said the national debt is also a priority and the first thing he would do as president is call a joint session of Congress and let them know he wouldn’t sign off on any increases at all.

    Supporters were energized throughout much of his measured performance.

    "Anybody that's brilliant enough to do what Ben Carson accomplished in the medical profession is brilliant enough to lead our country back to what it needs to be,” supporter Charlene Hansen said.

    The retired neurosurgeon also spent time pleading with his supporters to get out the vote.

    “The election that is coming up next year is critical to our country. America as we know it is gone,” Carson said.

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