• Bath Salts addict recalls terrifying hallucinations

    By: Tom Regan


    NORCROSS, Ga. - A man in a Norcross drug treatment program said he became addicted to hallucinogenic bath salts, which mimic the mind bending effects of cocaine, LSD, and methamphetamine.

    "It's awful. It almost cost me my life," said Joe.

    The patient, who didn’t want his full name released, spoke Friday with Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Regan.

    He said was spending an average $250 per week on the drug which sent him into a spiral of paranoid delusions.

    "I had people living under my trailer. I had people cutting holes in the floor of my trailer so they could make trap doors and enter my trailer. It got so bad that I pulled a gun out and started shooting holes in the floor to get people out from under the trailer," said Joe.



    He also recalled a scuffle with two Dekalb County police officers whom he believed were part of the Russian Mafia.

    "In my hallucinations, I thought their uniforms were costumes. I thought they were part of the conspiracy to get me. It took all they could, these two guys twice my size, to wrestle me down and handcuff me and take me away," said Joe.

    The director of Narconon of Georgia said she believes some of the chemicals in bath salts are being mixed into new variations of synthetic marijuana. Both drugs are illegal, but according to patients, synthetic pot is still being sold under the counter at some stores.

    "They act the way bath salt people were acting a year ago. It's a hallucinogenic chemical that is in K-2. I know what, speaking to my clients," said Narconon Director Mary Rieser.

    She also said some of the patients are more difficult to treat, "Like zombies. You talk to them, and what's there with these people was evil."

    Rieser praised law enforcement and state officials for taking an aggressive stand against synthetic drugs. On Thursday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation hosted a summit on synthetic drugs with law enforcement officials from other neighboring states.

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