Back 2 School: Is it too early to start a new year?

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — Students in five school districts are waking up for their first day of school.

Friday is the first day for Newton County, Lamar County, Commerce, Rome and Jefferson.

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The state superintendent told us some districts have a fall break some don't so each district decides its own calendar.

Many parents we talked to said it's too early to go back.

“I get to see all my friends and meet my new teacher,” student Kimora Belcher said.


Belcher said she is excited to start school and is not bothered its weeks before other Georgia kids will head back to the classroom.

“It's too soon and too hot," mother Phyllis Wright said.

Wright said she doesn't understand the July 28 start date for Newton County Schools. She is aware some Georgia schools don't go back until mid-August.

“The parents should say something about it to school board members," Wright said.

The state superintendent said it is up to each individual district.

“Many local school systems have a lot of additional days off during the calendar year. We didn't have spring break and fall break and mid break, so there's a tradeoff. But it is completely local,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said.

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