Woman says she failed drug test after taking CBD oil

ATLANTA — Cannabidiol is legal in Georgia, but Channel 2 Action News has learned that if you're taking it, you could fail a drug screening.

“It is one thing we warn our customers about, there's a possibility. It does have a small amount of THC in there, there is a possibility you could fail it," said Anthony Laborde of Discount Nutrition.

Laborde told Regan that he is a big fan of CBD oil and how it can help people with all sort of ailments.

“Anything from inflammation, to pain, seizures,” Laborde said.

Several varieties of the oil have only a trace amount of THC, the compound in marijuana that cause a high.

CBD oil can't get you high, but can potentially be troublesome in a drug screening.


“Some people will fail. Some won't. So we do warn police officers, firefighters, those types of people who are routinely tested for drugs,” Laborde said.

One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told Regan she would have liked such warning.

Her doctor suggested she take CBD oil for pain and anxiety. She used it for just two weeks.

Following a drug screening for a new job, the results left her numb.

“They expressed that I have a positive THC test,” the woman told Regan. “I have never consumed marijuana in my life.”

The ingredient label on the CBD oil showed no THC. But on the company website, a disclaimer said full spectrum CBD can cause positive results in screenings.

The woman told Regan she didn't get the job.

“Having no idea of what's in the product is absolutely unacceptable., a web-based company that tests nutritional supplements, including CBD, said up to 10 percent of users test positive for THC when using the oil.

"It can happen, and it also depends not just on not just the product, but some people metabolize CBD differently," said President Tod Cooperman.

There are some CBD products that are THC-free, but Regan said those are oils are not nearly as effective as ones containing THC.