Woman's home burglarized twice in 24 hours

ATLANTA — One of Atlanta's hottest neighborhoods -- and the home of rapid development in the past five years -- is now seeing more crime.

A woman showed us photos of her ransacked house when it was broken into twice in the same day.

"They were able to kick through all of this," said Jaime Terlecki as she showed us the photos of her belongings knocked over throughout her home.

The first time thieves broke into Terlecki’s home on Boulevard Place happened around lunchtime Feb. 15.

"I left at 1 p.m. and I was back here at 4 p.m.," she said.

In that short amount of time, she said someone stole her iPad, an Apple Watch and sentimental items that belonged to mother and brother both have recently passed away.


"It wasn’t anything of value. It was a bookbag and then my mom's jewelry. It wasn’t like a million dollars it was just things I had to remember them," Terlecki said.

Scared to stay here, she spent the night with a friend. The next day, she came home to find she had been burglarized again. This time, the thieves came in through the back door.

"Oh, they smoked cigarettes in here. Every drawer in my bedroom was open. All the clothes were on the bed; everything was taken," she said.

They took the TVs. They even made a mess of her kitchen

"Caramel sauce, jelly pizza rolls, they took whatever food I had, which was mostly condiments and ate all of it and smeared it all over the stove," she said.

Atlanta police haven’t made any arrests but were able to pull fingerprints.

According to crime statistics police sent to Jennings, home burglaries in the Old Fourth Ward are up slightly from this time last year.

"I feel like it was probably one person who came in the first time. That’s why they didn’t grab everything. Then maybe told their friends," she said.