• Video shows officers dragging woman off plane at Atlanta airport

    By: Nefertiti Jaquez , Tom Regan


    ATLANTA - Shocking cellphone video shows a woman hurling racist remarks at Atlanta police officers as they escorted her off a Delta flight bound to Los Angeles.

    Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez tracked down the man who recorded the video and he tells Jaquez over the phone that the commotion started moments before this passenger’s dramatic exit.

    Ryan Lu says he, his wife and their baby were on the plane when he heard a woman screaming, slurring her words and cursing at the flight crew from the back of the plane.

    “I’m on the flight with my 6-month-old baby,” Lu said. “It’s his first flight, and she’s freaking out.”

    Police say that Chandler Black, 22, boarded the plane and seconds later started threatening the passengers seated next her.

    "I heard the cussing and I asked her to calm down for the sake of the children," said Alisa Boyd, who was sitting in front of Black.

    In a Facebook live recorded by Boyd, the woman is heard saying, "Tell me what the f*** I did. I want to know what the f*** I did wrong."

    "The flight attendant asked her to get off the plane because she was too intoxicated to fly. She said, 'All I had was Xanax,'" said Antonia Edwards, who was also sitting near Black.

    Instead of getting off, they say Black, who was drunk, started repeatedly swinging at the flight attendant, while hurling insults.

    “The cop went up there and I could see some shuffling,” Lu said. “And it looked like she was pushing the cop, maybe. It looked like the cop took her to the ground. " 

    Witnesses say the officers only handcuffed Black when she attempted to punch one of the officers, and then tried to to kick him in his private area.

    In the video the woman can be heard yelling, "This is a plane that's going to go down crashing. I hope you all know you're going to blow the f*** up."

    “They just picked her up and took her the rest of the way out and that’s about it,” Lu said.

    As for Lu, he’s just happy he and his family are OK because at one point he did think the situation could have ended badly.

    “I did. You think, maybe terroristic It could be. You never know, these days,” Lu said. “Especially with ISIS. I’m happy it was just a drunk.”

    Police charged Black with obstruction, public drunkenness and criminal trespass. She's out on bond and could face additional charges.

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