Trump attorney says he needs access to witnesses, evidence. State says everything’s already public

ATLANTA — Attorneys for former President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani were in court in Fulton County court Friday, pushing for access to witnesses and evidence.

The defense attorney for Trump wanted to know what information was possibly shared by the Jan. 6th Committee with Fulton County prosecutors and have that provided to them.

Prosecutors say it’s all been made public by the Jan. 6th Committee.

“It appears they were given the right to view material for Jan. 6 when they were there but weren’t allowed to keep it. I don’t know what they reviewed,” Trump’s Georgia attorney Steve Sadow told the court.

“We were not to provide any information; we were not to share information. If there was something we wanted to show them or something they wanted to show us, we could do that,” said special prosecutor for the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office Nathan Wade.


Wade told Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee that he did talk and share evidence with the staff of the Congressional January 6th Committee in April 2022 but all that material has now been made public by the committee.

Rudy Giuliani’s attorneys were also pushing to be allowed to interview the defendants who have already pleaded guilty in the election interference case but told the judge they’ve come to a deal with prosecutors they think will allow them to do that.

“What the state and Mayor Giuliani’s team have agreed to is … we will put a pin in that issue. We believe we will probably be able to talk to these people,”

Most of the day was spent hearing arguments about a motion from one of the defendants arguing that prosecutors can’t try this as a racketeering case under Georgia law.

McAfee has not yet ruled on that motion.