Man killed when tree falls on southwest Atlanta home, 2 taken to hospital

ATLANTA — Police say a man is dead after he was trapped when tree fell on a home in southwest Atlanta. Two other people inside the home were rescued and taken to the hospital.

The tree fell on the home on Linda Way Wednesday night.

Channel 2′s Richard Elliot was at the scene, where the large tree lay across the home’s roof.

Crews at the scene were still working to remove the victim’s body from a bedroom Wednesday night.

Neighbors told Elliot they heard the tree fall and then someone screaming inside the home. Bonnie Adams said she rushed to try to help and found the door blocked by limbs.

“I wound up finding a window that wasn’t latched, so we went in and found the man who had been calling for help,” Adams said.

Adams said the man was calling for his nephew, who they couldn’t see.

“The older gentleman, we couldn’t get him to come out, so we just waited for the fire department,” the neighbor said.

Elliot learned that the man who was killed was a young man who was preparing to take the Bar exam next week. His name has not been released.

That man was later brought out on a stretcher and taken away on an ambulance. The surviving victim’s conditions are unclear.