Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot grows to a massive $830 million — 3rd largest in game’s history

ATLANTA — Tonight’s Mega Millions drawing just got even bigger, with the jackpot growing to a whopping $830 million.

If you win and decide to take the cash option, you would walk away with $487.9 million.

The amount makes the jackpot the third-largest ever in the game’s history. You have until 10:45 p.m. to buy a ticket.

You can watch the LIVE Mega Millions drawing every Tuesday and Friday night RIGHT HERE on Channel 2, right before WSB Tonight at 11 p.m.

The largest Mega Millions jackpot was $1.537 billion on October 23, 2018. That winning ticket was sold in South Carolina, and it remains the world’s largest lottery prize ever won on a single ticket.

The first jackpot win of 2022 was a $426 million prize won in California on Jan. 28. The next jackpot that was won happened in New York on March 8, with a prize of $128 million.

The third jackpot of the year, at $110 million, was won in Minnesota on April 12 — that was the state’s first jackpot winner. In the very next drawing, a Tennessee ticket won the $20 million jackpot on April 15.

Here are some interesting facts about Mega Millions:

  • The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 302,575,350 to 1. You have better odds of a smaller payoff, such as winning $1 million for matching five regular numbers but missing the Mega Ball. But even those odds are 1 in 12.6 million.
  • Six Mega Millions jackpots have been won on Friday the 13th.
  • There was a jackpot winner in the very first Mega Millions drawing. The drawing on May 17, 2002, resulted in a $28 million winning ticket in Illinois.
  • Mega Millions is played in 45 states as well as Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The game is overseen by state lottery officials.