Todd, Julie Chrisley unable to speak to each from prison on their 28th wedding anniversary

ATLANTA — As Todd and Julie continue to serve their federal prison sentences at separate prisons, the two were not able to speak to each other on their 28th wedding anniversary.

The couple’s anniversary was Saturday and Radaronline reported that they had not talked in over a year after being denied the right to make phone calls to each other.

The couple, mostly known for their reality TV series “Chrisley Knows Best,” were found guilty in 2022 of conspiring to defraud banks and the IRS out of millions of dollars and are serving a combined 15 years in prison. They were originally sentenced to 19 years, but the sentences were reduced in September 2023.

In recent episodes of her podcast, Savannah Chrisley read letters that her mother wrote, talking about how much Julie missed Todd.

“I knew my life was about to change forever. My husband and I stood in our bedroom right in front of our prayer bench and said our goodbyes. We hugged, we kissed, and we prayed before he walked out the door heading to Pensacola, Florida with Savannah, Grayson and Nick,” Julie wrote.

In that same letter, Julie wrote “This would be the last time I would speak to my husband face to face. We talked on the phone during his ride to Pensacola, I called one last time before I self-surrendered to the camp in Lexington.”

In another note shared by their daughter, Julie Chrisley said she was happy she was able to at least communicate with them by letter.


“I miss Todd so much that it hurts. I’ve never gone this long without talking to him,” Julie Chrisley wrote.

Savannah Chrisley called the letters “heartbreaking.”

“I can just feel her hurt through these messages and to just think about how different life is now, a year, almost a year and a half later, and to just think that like, sure, there’s some funny things in here, mom’s trying to make jokes, trying to make light of it, but like this is her life now. And it’s so different than obviously what it was before, in just the emotional aspect of it of having to miss your family so much,” Savannah Chrisley said.

Channel 2 Action News first started investigating the Chrisleys in 2017, when we learned that Todd Chrisley had likely evaded paying Georgia state income taxes for several years.

Court documents obtained by Channel 2 Action News showed that by 2018, the Chrisleys owed the state nearly $800,000 in liens.

The couple eventually went to trial and a federal jury found them guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion.


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