Savannah Chrisley says she’s undergone ‘intensive therapy program’ twice to deal with ‘trauma’

ATLANTA — Savannah Chrisley is opening up about the trauma she says she has had to deal with in her life over the last few years.

Chrisley, 26, said during the latest episode of her podcast that she has undergone an “intensive therapy program” twice and said it was a “game-changer.”

“I think for me, the whole reason I was going was to help me deal with trauma,” Chrisley said. “Like, in my life from childhood to now, there are so many different types of trauma.”

Chrisley said she looked back on her first journal entry that dated back to a birthday two years ago that talked about her first week in therapy, People Magazine reported.

“You’d see it with me, that something’s happened and it’s triggered something and I break down or fall apart or have a freakout, whatever it may be, because you don’t realize that your body reacts before your mind reacts,” Chrisley said.

The young Chrisley said that trauma has been with her for “almost 20 years of my life.”


“I’ve been very open about my family dynamics, and I am not great at grace,” Chrisley said. “There are some things I’m just not great at when it comes to, like, people who have wronged me. But also, understanding your family of origin allows you to have more grace.”

Chrisley said she even contemplated suicide around the same time her family began filming their hit reality series, “Chrisley Knows Best.”

“For me, it was more a cry for help,” she said. “It’s so crazy because when you go through so much trauma, I feel like your mind just blocks it out.”

Chrisley said her parents “stepped up” to help her.

“My dad spent countless hours with me every day, just trying to get me to talk,” Chrisley said. “Telling me his life stories, his trauma. Trying to let me know, like, ‘Hey, I’m not this perfect person you’ve always thought I am. I’ve gone through stuff in my life, too. I’ve had trauma. I want you to feel comfortable.’ And talking to me about it. And it took me a while.”


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