• 'Super lice' resistant to traditional treatments


    ATLANTA -  A new study by the Journal of Medical Entomology finds that “super lice” are resistant to over-the-counter treatments.

    Pharmacists say super lice do not respond to the pesticides that are in traditional treatments.

    Experts say super lice are becoming increasingly more common, and it takes only a second for them to spread from one head to another.

    Heidi Eirhorne says her family is dealing with lice for the first time. She urges people to seek professional help if they suspect lice.

    “We had already seen a pediatrician for some itchy scalps and they didn’t find anything there, so it’s really critical that you go to a specialist because even a pediatrician, who we adore, was not able to find it,” Eirhorne said.

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    Jennie Lasater is the founder of Lice Ladies in northeast Atlanta, and says back-to-school time is when her business is the busiest. She says between the hugging and selfies at school, lice are spreading quickly.

    “There’s lots of head-to-head contact and togetherness, so that’s how they actually get it is touching heads,” Lasater said.

    Lice Ladies uses enzyme-based products to fight super lice.

    Lasater says that oils are good way to prevent lice. She also says to comb through hair with a lice comb once a week for maintenance.

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