Powerball jackpot now a whopping $635 million for Saturday night’s jackpot

ATLANTA — The Powerball jackpot is now up to a whopping $635 million for Saturday night’s drawing.

There has not been a Powerball jackpot winner since the $286 million winnings from the June 5 drawing.

The big question on many people’s minds if they were to win: do you take the lump sum or an annuity?

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The lump sum from Saturday’s jackpot is $450 million. The annuity option allows the jackpot to be paid out across 30 years.

The federal government and all but a few state governments will immediately have their hands out for a bit of your prize.


The top federal tax rate is 37% for income over $500,000. The first thing that happens when you turn in that winning ticket is that the federal government takes 24% of the winnings off the top.

But the payments don’t end there. You will owe the rest of the tax — the difference between 24% and 37% — at tax time next year.

Your winnings could also be subject to local taxes in some states.

The odds of a single ticket winning in Powerball is 1 in 292 million.

The Georgia Lottery says it reports the names of winners of prizes above $600 to the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue.

Georgia’s state income tax of 5.75% and federal income tax of 24% are withheld from prizes of more than $5,000 at the time the prize is claimed.

Additionally, the GLC is required to check for and deduct any outstanding child support payments for prizes of $2,500 and above and student loans and state taxes for prizes of $5,000 and above, net of the wager or ticket cost.

The largest Powerball jackpot ever was on Jan. 13, 2016, in which three winning tickets were sold: one in Tennessee, one in Florida and one in California.